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Free Hanging Shelf Bracket, Wall Stud Bracket, Free Floating Shelf Bracket, Wall Mount Countertop Bracket, Made in USA

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Heavy Duty Free Hanging Stud Shelf Bracket - Versatile and Reliable Wall Support

Product Description

This Free Hanging Shelf Bracket is an incredibly versatile, strong and reliable addition to any home workspace. The bracket is made from high-grade steel capable of carrying up to 60 pounds of weight each. Not only is it rugged and durable, but the shelf bracket is also designed with a protective finish that resists corrosion for a long lasting finish.

Our Free Hanging Shelf Bracket can be used in a variety of applications such as supporting desks, bookshelves or even just as additional shelving in any room of your house. Its timeless design allows it to blend into almost any décor seamlessly while providing you with sturdy support for all your storage needs. Get creative with this amazing piece of hardware today and make sure every inch of space in your home works hard for you!


The free floating shelf brackets come with six stud mounting holes and two shelf support holes to secure the bracket to the wall and whatever you want to mount. The stud mounted brackets attach behind the drywall and are hidden from sight.

Easy Installation: The free floating shelf bracket features six carefully placed stud mounting holes and two shelf support holes, providing secure attachment to the wall and the item you want to mount. The thoughtful mounting holes and instructions make installation quick and hassle-free.

Hidden and Clean Look: The stud-mounted brackets remain hidden from sight by attaching behind the drywall, giving your shelving a clean and professional appearance. Enjoy a clutter-free and visually pleasing space.

Sizing Guide

The length measurement will be the part of the metal that will actually hold the shelf.
Standard brackets are made from 1/2" thick metal.
All metal is 2.5" wide.


Sturdy and Reliable: Our heavy-duty free hanging shelf bracket is designed to provide reliable support for shelves, bars, and countertops. Made from high quality American steel, each bracket ensures stability and durability.

Hidden Mounting: The stud mounted brackets attach securely behind the drywall, remaining hidden from sight. This design creates a clean and seamless look while providing robust support for your shelving or countertop.

Versatile Applications: Our side mounted shelf bracket is incredibly versatile and can be used in various applications. It is perfect for supporting desks, bookshelves, or as additional shelving in any room of your house. Let your creativity flow and maximize the storage space in your home.


Timeless and Seamless: The design of our shelf bracket is timeless and versatile, allowing it to blend effortlessly with any decor style. Whether your space has a modern or traditional aesthetic, this bracket will complement it beautifully while providing sturdy support.

Corrosion Resistant Finish: The shelf bracket has a protective finish that resists corrosion, ensuring a long-lasting and visually appealing appearance. It will maintain its durability and aesthetic appeal for years to come.


  • Raw with Clear Coat
  • Black Gloss Paint
  • Black Flat Paint

Other Details

Enhance your storage solutions and create a seamless look with our Heavy Duty Free Hanging Shelf Bracket. Crafted from high-grade steel and featuring a corrosion resistant finish, this bracket offers reliable support for shelves, bars, and countertops. Its versatile design and easy installation make it a perfect choice for various applications throughout your home. Maximize your space and elevate your storage capabilities with this durable and visually appealing shelf bracket.