Fireplace Screen With Custom Letter
Customized Personalized Fireplace screen with handles
Customized Fireplace Screen Home
Customized Fireplace Screen Letter with dimensions
Personalized Fireplace Screen for your dimensions with handles
Fireplace Screen in front of a fire with custom letter and handles

Customized Fireplace Screen, Custom Sizes to Fit Your Fireplace, Hand Made in USA

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This custom fireplace screen is a simple steel design that is perfect for your home!

Customized with the letter of your choice, which will be cut into the middle section.

Each fireplace screen is proudly hand Made in USA just for you, according to the size you select!


  • VERY FAST - Your order is completed and shipped within 3 - 5 days
  • Made in USA from locally sourced heavy duty 3/16" thick steel
  • Durable black finish that makes your fireplace stand out
  • Some light assembly required - the legs need to be installed with the bolts and nuts provided

Our metal products are custom built to order and made with locally sourced metal. Due to this, each product is unique and may have visual, textural, and tactile differences from both the raw material sourcing and the manufacturing process. We believe this is highly desired as to avoid a ‘cookie cutter’ look, and you know that your product is unique to your home!