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Pillars Customs Personalized Mantel Bracket Corbel, Heavy Duty, Made in USA

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Customized Personalized Fireplace Mantel Shelf Bracket. Personalize Your Brackets with Any Letter, Shape, or Simple Logo


VERY FAST - Your order is completed and shipped within 2 - 4 days!

3" Wide or 4" Wide metal support bracket perfect for fireplace mantels, shelves, and other mounted surfaces

  • Personalize your brackets with any letter, shape, or simple logo
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Made in USA from heavy duty 3/16" locally sourced steel
  • Additional diagonal support bar with extra support for all applications
  • Comes pre-drilled with 1/4" holes for mounting screws (not included)

What I love about this custom product is the rustic, heavy duty design and build made to compliment whatever you will hang!

If you have any questions regarding this product, custom requests, or special high volume orders please contact us.

Thank you for shopping with Pillars Customs!