Trip to the Store

I was heading to my favorite not-open-on-Sunday chicken joint and took a quick detour to my local home improvement store for AC filters. I took the long way to that aisle to see what else they had to offer. First I came across some metal plant hangers designed to be attached to the wall.

I'm a fan of this type of design, as you can do some really cool staggering by adjusting height and eye level to give a unique visual appeal for your vertical garden. I also thought the circular/rectangular patterns etched in the wall plate give a little character to the product. It would be cool to have a custom or monogrammed back plate, maybe we will launch a product like this soon. You could even put one letter in each and spell out your last name. 

Right below the pot holder was this 'plant caddie', a new term to me, but I really don't  know how else to describe it.


Personally, I'm not a fan of the thin metal construction. I think there is a right balance of thickness and weight for metal goods, this one is too far on the thin side. Sort of like the pot holder, the design adds some flair, and could also be customized. I see this as an opportunity for a custom name or logo or pattern to be attached to the top. Would have to get creative with placement since there should be something placed on top of the caddie. Perhaps ordering a few inches larger than needed, and putting the design radially? We will play around with ideas and launch something we like.

Last stop on the way to the filters: hooks and hanging ideas. Got a picture of a few coat racks here.

Relatively simple design, though it does give the highly manufactured look. You can give your house a more rustic and industrial look with a raw metal support bar, or a sleek refined look with fresh black paint. Also, major opportunity to impress with complimentary (or contrasting) colored hooks! I typically dress myself in leather and brass, so a darker earthly base with a brass hook would look amazing. Also, a jet black base paint with a sharp steel color will provide pop and contrast.

Again, more opportunities to customize here! Names and logos can be etched in the support bar. Maybe one letter between each hook, or a special pattern or family crest at set intervals. And who says this has to be linear? Just like offset planters, the offset hooks can both provide a break from the norm, as well as a functional use for the little ones who cant reach the top hooks!

My stomach started growling so I grabbed the filters and cut this trip short. Until next time ...