What size mantel bracket corbel do I need?

“What size mantel bracket should I get?”

We get this question quite often, so we put together this guide to help you!

Our mantel bracket corbels are a great way to accent your fireplace mantel, and we offer them in a variety of shapes and colors! So, what size do you want?

Generally, we recommend you first measure your mantel in the direction you want to mount it. The most important dimension is the distance the mantel will sit away from the wall.

Wood Mantel Distance From Wall Measurement

This dimension will match up to the length dimension on our mantel brackets. We typically offer brackets that have the same size length and height for maximum stability. Some customers have specific form factors they need to fit, so they will request different heights.

Mantel Bracket Lenght

Sometimes we get asked: “What if my mantel does not have uniform dimensions?” Something like this:

Non Square Wood Mantel

We can offer custom mantel brackets too! Please contact us and let us know what your dimensions are. To give the best look, we recommend having the same height for each bracket. All of brackets are handmade and custom so we can make the right bracket for you!