What is the best size for my customized personalized family name sign?

"What size should I select?"

Don't worry, we get asked this a lot! And we are here to help - check out our guide!

Our family name signs with established date are a great way to add some personalized flair to your house and are also a great gift for weddings, engagements, birthdays, family reunions, and many other occasions. But what size is best?

We want to help you pick the best size sign for your name so we put together this guide to help out. 

Generally, we recommend that you get a larger size for the longer name. This should not be a surprise, as a larger sign means more space for your text! See this example of the name “SMITH” on three different sized signs.

 Family Name Sign SMITH Different Sizes

We can see that the 5 letter name fits well on the 12" x 6" sign up through the 20" x 6" sign. Maybe a little tight on the 12", and a healthy amount of space on the 20", but all work. This allows flexibility for different mounting sizes and budget friendly options!

How about a longer name like HENRICKSEN? 

Custom family name sign HENRICKSEN different sizes

See the text on the 12" x 6" sign is too crowded. The 16" x 6" maybe is a little right, and the 20" x 6" and 24" x 6" signs look very good, We would recommend going with the 20" x 6" sign, like one of our customers ordered in aged copper paint that we featured on our Instagram page the other day!

HENRICKSEN family name sign established date aged copper paint

As we can see, the longer names need a bit more space to avoid cramming. We put together this table to help estimate the size sign by the number of characters in your family name. We hope this helps you make an informed decision. As always, please contact us with any questions and we are happy to help!


Size Sign


12” x 6”


16” X 6”


20” X 6”


24” X 6”